Don't Let Winter Weather Spoil your Mood

Research shows that many people suffer from Seasonal Affection Disorder, or SAD.  This phenomenon causes a feeling of sadness, loss and lethargy in people due to the fleeting hours of sunlight that exist during the winter season.

The typical symptoms of SAD include: depression, lack of energy, increased need for sleep, a craving for sweets and weight gain.  Symptoms begin in the fall, peak in the winter and usually resolve in the spring.

But don't let the cold weather make you miserable!  There are still plenty of fun activities and reasons to get out of the house this season. 

When was the last time you checked out the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism website?  This well-organized website allows you to search for fun activities, events, and places to stay depending on location, season, and even the kind of experience you are looking for! (i.e. romantic getaway, family bonding etc.)

There are plenty of fun activities to do in your own backyard that you are probably not even aware of!  And, the website even offers a MassValuePass that gives you access to deals across Massachusetts with regards to lodging, dining, attractions, retail and events.

So stop waiting for spring to get here before doing anything healthy and fun and check out this great resource!