Be Mindful of Loyalty Tags on Keys

We all have them.  Those pesky loyalty tags that seem to occupy so much room on our key chains and can be fairly unattractive, but necessary because they offer us discounts at our frequent shopping destinations.  I have one for CVS, Stop & Shop and Shaw's.  But did you know that these little tags, if lost, could open you up to a slew of problems?

Take this news story for instance: A woman in Methuen, Mass. lost her keys while at a major department store.  The store was kind enough to make several announcements asking for the return of the keys if found, but to no avail.  The woman didn't think too much of it because all of her personal information was inside her wallet and/or purse.  Or so she thought.

Two weeks later, the woman's home was burglarized.  There was no sign of forced entry. 

This woman had to learn the hard lesson that those tiny loyalty tags are actually linked to our names in the store's computer system.  This means that more often than not, when an item is purchased using a loyalty tag for points or a discount and a receipt is tendered, your name is on that receipt.

The thief in this case used the loyalty tag to purchase an item and was given a receipt with the name of the owner of the keys.  Unfortunately, the owner of the keys was also listed in the phone book, so the thief found her house, walked right through the front door and took whatever they wanted.

Moral of the story: Try keeping your loyalty tags on a separate key ring in your purse or pocket.