Boston Communities Going Smokeless

A recent trend among Boston condo associations is that they are voting to ban smoking in units and common areas. Just recently, unit owners at the Hawthorne Place condo building approved an amendment to their bylaws which will ban smoking. According to the vote, more than 75% of the 505 unit owners voted to pass the amendment.

Current unit owners who smoke will still be allowed to at Hawthorne Place, but once the unit is sold, new tenants cannot smoke.

Secondhand smoke that seeps into neighboring units can cause health issues for unit owners. Asthma attacks and poor air quality are among the top health concerns generally noted in condo communities that are considering banning smoking.

In addition to health hazards, smoking increases the chance of residential fires.

The Ritz-Carlton Boston Common is also in the process of banning smoking, as are a number of other Boston-area condo communities.

Mayor Menino and his administration also responded to the need for smoke-free housing by creating a registry of smoke-free properties in the city of Boston. The registry was built and maintained by the Boston Public Health Commission and can be found at the Boston Smoke-Free Homes website.


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