Freaky October Storm Leaves Over 500,000 Without Power

Photo of MA Snow storm in October 2011A severe Nor'easter that swept through Massachusetts Saturday evening into Sunday morning left many residents without power - again.

Following the power outage fiasco caused by Hurricane Irene, many residents are concerned that it may be days before seeing their power turned back on again.

In fact, more than 100 Massachusetts schools and many companies throughout the state were closed today due to power outages and unsafe conditions caused by snow and freezing rain. According to Governor Deval Patrick, 1,500 utility workers and an addition 500 out-of-state workers are trying to restore electricity as quickly as possible.

The National Weather Service said the heaviest snowfall was in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, 32 inches at Peru and 30 in Plainfield. Worcester, the state’s second largest city about 40 miles west of Boston, had 14.6 inches. The wet, heavy snow caused damage to trees and power lines even in areas that got less.

The Governor declared a State of Emergency in MA in order to call upon the National Gaurd to help with the cleanup, and at least 1 death is being blamed on this weekend's storm. 20-year-old Jeffrey Mattarazzo was electrocuted Saturday when he touched a guardrail electrified by a downed wire.

If your property sustained damage from this weekend's storm, please call us at (617) 236-6400 to discuss your claim. In the meantime, you may check the state of Masschusetts' website for more information on the State Emergency. Or, you can check our their list of power outage safety tips.

And if you are on of the unlucky citizens without power, you can check this live feed for updates regarding power restoration.