State Identifies Most Dangerous Insections for Pedestrians

Dangerous intersection in BostonWalking to the bus stop or school is dangerous enough, but in some communities the risk is even greater thanks to some of the worst intersections in the state.

Massachusetts has identified exactly where these "crash clusters," are located, taking into consideration the frequency of crashes and the number of people killed or injured in those collisions.

Reported as the 3rd worst intersection in the state is Massachusetts Avenue between Pleasant Street and Sydney Street in Cambridge. According to records, there were 94 accidents involving pedestrians within a 2-year period. Forty-three were injured and 2 were killed.

Next on the list was the intersection of South Main Road and Rodman Street in Fall River where there were 90 accidents that resulted in 64 injuries.

The most dangerous crosswalks are in Chelsea, according to the data. State officials called the area around Park and Washington streets a "pedestrian crash cluster," due to the high accident rate there. There were a reported 129 crashes with a high injury rate of 95 people hurt and 1 fatality.

Teach your children safety techniques before letting them walk to the bus stop or school. One important thing they can do besides looking both ways before crossing a street, is actually making eye contact with the drivers of the stopped cars to make sure they actually do see them before they cross the street. And most importantly, make sure your child is age-appropriate to walk to school or the bus stop by themselves.