6 Year Old Boy Saved by Firefighter

Xavier Lara, 6, might not be here today if it weren't for the heroics of a certain firefighter in the Roxbury Fire Department.

Xavier lived in the Roxbury apartment building that was purposely set on fire on Wednesday by a man attempting suicide. Twenty seven year old Abdul Jabar Mohamed has been accused of setting the blaze in his failed suicide attempt after telling hospital staff at Massachusetts General Hospital that he "blew up the house."

Dozens of people are now left homeless, but at least they all have their lives. Xavier's grandmother, Judith Lamb, dropped him from a third story window in the hopes that firefighters down below would catch him because their apartment unit was becoming engulfed with smoke. Luckily for them, Lt. Glenn McGillivray was there to make the catch of a lifetime.

Abdul Jabar Mohamed fled the scene without calling 911 and proceeded to take a cab to Boston Medical Center, where he arrived without a shirt. He is currently being treated for severe burns at Mass General and has been arraigned on arson and attempted murder charges.