Perfect Reason to Have Renter's Insurance

My fiance' called me frantically this morning with a very unusual story regarding our apartment building that perfectly illustrates why everyone who rents an apartment needs to have renter's insurance. This is the video that he sent me which shows our underground parking garage:

Apparently, a building maintenance worker who was assigned the task of making some ceiling repairs in the vacant apartment next to ours damaged a sprinkler head. This of course made the sprinkler system in that apartment activate, and seeing as our apartment building is actually an old mill building converted into lofts, the water seeped through the hardwood floors down to the second floor and actually continued down into the underground parking garage! Talk about water damage!

Hopefully the person who lives in the apartment under the vacant one has renter's insurance! If the damage was a result of an outside contractor who was hired to complete the work, then their company insurance would have to cover the costs of the damage. But if the worker is employed as a maintenance employee by the apartment building, their building policy will come into play.

You never know when accidents like this will happen, so call Murphy and Jordan today at (617) 236-6400 to make sure your personal property is appropriately covered, before something like this happens!