Cyber Threats Expected to Increase Next Year

cyber identify thiefAccording to a recent study completed by he Georgia Tech Information Security Center and the Georgia Tech Research Institute, people will have more cause to worry about the privacy of their personal information in the coming year.

Newer, more sophisticated methods of capturing user data are being uncovered by experts. These include:

  • Search Poisoning - Attackers are using SEO (search engine optimization) methods to increase the visability of malicious links among search results, causing users to click on them because they rank higher in Google searches etc.
  • Mobile Web Attacks - Attacks aimed specifically at mobile web browsers are expected to increase in the coming year.
  • Stolen Cyber Data - Experts say the public will see an increase in stolen web data and preferences, especially from social media networks, that company's will use in their lead-generation and marketing tactics.

The best advice to limit the risk of having your personal information misused is to maintain up-to-date virus and malware software on all of your web browsing devices and to limit the amount of information you enter anywhere on the web.