Snow Banks are a Cause for Concern

I'm sure I don't need to remind you just how much snow Massachusetts and Rhode Island has been hit with so far this winter.  And it isn't over.

Aside from residents now being held legally responsible for shoveling and treating snow and ice on their property (see law/ruling here), snow banks and drifts are a huge cause for concern at the moment.  With massive amounts of snow comes massive snow piles and drifts.  These tall piles of snow, usually the result of plowing, cause visability issues for drivers.  It can be tough to see around these piles, increasing the risk for accidents in towns that simply have nowhere else to put the mounting snow. 

A number of accidents, some even involving pedestrians and bicyclists, have been blamed on towering snow banks as of late. 

Cities and towns are doing what they can to redirect snow and limit the height of snow piles, but for now, please navigate the roads with extreme caution and make sure you have a clear view of oncoming traffic around snow piles!