Protect Your Property from Burglary

Those of you living in and around Boston have undoubtedly become aware of the recent streak of residential break-ins in the East Boston area.

Items such as laptops, IPods, cell phones, jewelry, cash and other items of value have been stolen from apartments, as well as single and two-family homes.  The area most impacted to-date is the Eagle Hill community. 

These break-ins occur mainly during the daytime when residents are away at work or school. In fact, 60% of burglaries occur during the daytime, according to the FBI.

In many cases, the entry point has been identified as an open or unlocked window in the rear of the property or side alley adjacent to the building, as well as unlocked doors to apartments.

Careful planning is key in protecting your home and valuables from theft. Here are some ways to help safeguard your property:

General Security Measures

  • Exterior and interior doors that lead from the basement or garage should be constructed of solid wood or metal and equipped with dead bolt locks.

  • A well-illuminated home is less of a target. Programmable timing devices can be used to activate interior and exterior lights. Set them for different times to make it appear someone is always home.

  • Obscured doors and windows are targets for forcible entry. Shrubs and trees should be trimmed or moved so that they do not obstruct these areas.

  • An Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved safe or vault can be useful for storage of your more precious items. The safe or vault should be permanently fastened, rendering it immovable. (For maximum protection, consider storing your most valuable items in a bank vault).

  • An electronic burglar alarm system can also add to the protection of your home.

While You Are Away…

  • Arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail, newspaper and parcels.

  • Lock vehicles that remain at your home and if possible, park them in a garage.

  • Arrange to have someone periodically check your house.

  • Store valuable items in a bank vault or a safety deposit box.

  • Lock all doors and windows.

  • Use programmable timing devices for lighting.

  • Lower telephone ringer volume so that it cannot be heard from outside.

We've also prepared a Tip Sheet which details some more precautions you and your tenants could take to protect yourselves and your possessions.