Facebook Live Chat #2 Dialogue

Did you miss our second Facebook Live Chat with Melissa Greene?  Here is the dialogue from that chat event which took place on September 16th.

Patti Abbott-Bozzo - We have a client that had bed bug infestation from one of her tenants. She has a 5 apt house in Elizabeth. Vermin are usually excluded. I can write BB Coverage for a hotel, or large apt, but not this. Any suggestions or markets you may know of?

Melissa Greene - Hi Patti, thanks for your message. We are a habitational program with Everest as our carrier and do not have access to other markets. Sorry we can't help you.


Denise Monteiro - I live in an apartment building. Does my renter's insurance cover my engagement ring?

Melissa Greene - Hi Denise, you can certainly purchase coverage for your ring. You'd need to forward your appraisal to your agent to have it added.


Henry Collins - What kind of coverage would you suggest for a senior citizen moving into a condo by themself? I am on a fixed income as well.

Melissa Greene - Hi Henry, thanks for your question. You would need either an HO6 or HO4 policy depending on whether you own the unit or not. If you'd like to get a quote over the phone you can contact Michelle Prall in our office @617-236-6400 x128. The policy is very affordable. Thank you!


Trisha Soares - I actually live in a brownstone building. If my landlord won't repair flooring in my apartment which I think is unsafe, will my personal insurance pay to repair it since it's in my unit? The floor boards are uneven in one area and I'm afraid I might trip and fall.

Melissa Greene - Hi Trisha. This is a maintenance issue rather then an insurance issue which should be addressed with your landlord. Have a great afternoon.

Trisha Soares - Ah I see. Well my landlord is not very approachable or helpful so I'm at the point where I'm thinking I might just do it myself. Maybe I'll just bill him after I do it myself haha. Thanks, Melissa